The Max and Annie children's book series and website is celebrating 15 years of providing children with high quality stories starring a group of lively springers: the original Max and Annie, the rescued Trini and Penny, the imaginative Ollie, as well as Tak, who still entertains students during school visits.

Although Max, Annie, Trini, Ollie and Penny have passed on, their stories continue to delight young readers. Further, Tak has stepped up to follow in the tradition of making children laugh, while gently teaching some life lessons.

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Sandy, Tak, Trini and Oliver's visit to Saint Gabriel School in Mentor:



9th book in Max and Annie series.

After seven unhappy years in a puppy mill, Penny the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, is finally rescued and placed in a loving home. During her captivity, she longed to be free like the birds she watched from the window of the barn where she was held. Now, with the help of an orphaned baby bird, Penny attempts to learn the secret of flight.  Penny's story will make you laugh when she tries, despite the odds, to fly! However instead of learning to fly, Penny and her big brother, Tak, see that sometimes it is better to help a friend achieve something important than to try to do the impossible yourself.


The Red Door Writing Studio is currently taking reservations for upcoming creative writing classes!

Under the direction of Sandra Philipson students are able to explore and expand their writing skills by working directly with a children's book author. The writing sessions are creative and fun.

Lessons are customized for each student to include various aspects of the writing process, story writing, and experimenting with art forms (collage, painting, photography). Group work as well as individual sessions are available for students grade 3 and beyond. 

For more information, contact Sandra Philipson at 440-897-1524 or by email at sandy@maxandannie.com.



100_1534_4-1.jpgTak and I are sorry to tell our friends that we had to say goodbye to Penny on Saturday. Penny came to us two years ago from Cavalier Rescue USA & she was a joy. She visited schools with us & attended events such as the Buckeye Book Fair in 2014.
Penny was patient & loving even in the face of a debilitating disease. She fought hard to stay with us.
Penny's sweet face & loving nature are the reasons we all should consider rescue whenever possible. We named her Penny after the rhyme; "Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck." We feel lucky that Penny was with us, even for a short time. Penny's story "Wings" helps us find comfort. She will live always in the desire to fly high by lending a helping hand or paw to others.


This spring a camera crew accompanied us on a school visit to Poland Elementary School in Poland, Ohio. Take a quick peek at author, Sandy Philipson, illustrator, Jenny Campbell, therapy dogs, Tak and Ollie and school principal, Mike Masucci, in action in this short video clip.

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