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Dear Sandy, Max, Trini and Tak,

Your visit last week to Boulevard was a huge success.  I have heard from many teachers, parents and administrators that it was even more wonderful than they had anticipated. You have such a relaxed and engaging manner with the students.  One master teacher emailed me to say that in 14 years at Boulevard this was the best literacy experience ever with a visiting author.  The dogs are a huge draw but your message and skill to convey it to a wide range of ages and abilities is what makes it so special.

Happy summer,  Anne

We say goodbye to Trini

On November 25, 2005, we adopted a new family member,  a little three-legged springer spaniel named, Trini. Trini had been rescued by the Mid- South English Springer Spaniel Rescue Organization from a shelter in North Carolina. She was a wonderful, affectionate girl who was born with only three legs. In spite of being an amputee, Trini had incredible spirit and speed. She could even outrun Tak and Max in the short run!

Trini made many school visits with the late Max and Tak and Oliver during her six years with us.  She was a favorite of hundreds of school children and at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital where she did her therapy work. She was an inspiration to both children and adults with her strength and determination. Having only three legs never slower her down!

We lost our loving girl in January of 2011, but she will have a forever home in our hearts and memories.  Her book, Forever Home, is a story of courage, determination and happy endings.

"Those we hold in our arms for a short time, we hold in our hearts forever."