For Teachers
The Max and Annie children's book series and website is celebrating 12 years of providing children with high quality stories starring a group of lively springers: the original Max and Annie, the rescued Trini, as well as the current brother combination, Tak and Ollie. Although Max, Annie and Trini have passed on, their stories continue to delight young readers. Further, Tak and Ollie have stepped up to follow in the tradition of making children laugh while gently teaching some life lessons.


Forever Home Talk Show (Grades 3+)

Instructions: After reading Forever Home, work together as a class to turn this story into one that is told via a TV talk show. Come up with the name of your show, the name of your host or hostess, and have Trini as the featured guest. The theme of the show should be something relating back to the book, Forever Home, such as homelessness or determination in the face of hardship. Students can take turns being the hosts as well as characters from the book such as Trini, Chaz (the rat), or Aunt Dot. During the show, the characters can discuss with the host the parts of the story that relate to the theme that was chosen. The show can be performed live in front of the class or groups of classes. Students should write a rough script but leave room for spontaneous comments.