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Max's Rules


Max's Rules


NEW! Now Available: Max's Rules by Sandra Philipson, illustrated by Jenny Campbell

This book stars Max, Annie and the puppy, Tak. Based on an actual incident, this is the story of what happens when a new puppy joins the Max and Annie family. Annie feels motherly, but Max is mad and sad. He feels he has been replaced. The only way to get everyone's attention and to keep the puppy under his control is to devise a set of rules for the new dog. As usual, Max goes too far and makes up too many rules for his little brother, Tak. Annie steps in and helps everyone in the family appreciate each other, and Max sees his brother in a new light. The book was written in consultation with over 12,000 elementary and middle school students in the midwest and is appropriate for those bringing home a new baby, a new puppy or anyone who wants a good laugh.



Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way


Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way By Sandra Philipson, illustrated by Robert Takatch

Based on an actual incident, this is both a touching and funny story of a nine year old English Springer Spaniel who loses her front leg to cancer. Annie and her high-spirited, naughty brother Max, experience her illness and recovery in very different ways. Max is in denial, and Annie is in a state of sad acceptance. It isn't until they meet Samantha, a three legged Golden Retriever, that they both begin to heal. Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way is a story of love, loss, friendship, healing, and optimism that is most appropriate for children in grades 1-5 but can be used by children of all ages who love inspirational dog stories. The back pages of the book contain thought questions and writing prompts so children can write about their feelings and create their own stories. PAPERBACK!



Ollie's Monsters and Other Stories


Ollie, the feisty Cavalier spaniel, joins his springer family, Max, Tak, and Trini, in the latest book in the Max and Annie series. The first story, Ollie's Monsters, is based on real-life confrontations between Ollie and alleged monsters lurking in every corner of the house, yard, and schools were he lives, plays, and visits. This is the story of how Ollie's wild imagination can turn the most ordinary objects into terrifying creatures. It's also the story of how Ollie wants to serve and protect all those he loves. After battling imaginary monsters, readers join the rest of the canine crew to help Trini overcome her worries, watch Tak save a trapped sibling, and listen to Max provide "helpful" advice on planning successful escapes from school. These stories are appropriate for anyone who can relate to having an overactive imagination and a long list of worries, or getting siblings out of a tight fix or wanting to be a little rebellious.


Creation Station An Interactive Literacy Activity Book with Tak, Trini and Ollie


This new addition to the Max and Annie book project, designed for educators, students and parents, provides writing opportunities and projects that can be done in school or at home.

For educators, all the activities are grade leveled and based on state literacy standards. Further, the activities span the curriculum with a strong emphasis on reading and writing in a variety of genre.

For parents and students, this book is designed to be a supplement to family literacy activities. We hope you will use it with your children or your parents to make reading and writing fun for the family whether you are cooking, putting on a puppet show or doing a local service

project together.

Section 1:Bone Up on Writing, Creative Writing and Reading
Includes 20 writing activities including poetry, letter writing, story retelling, biography, and nonfiction writing.

Section 2: Barks and Crafts, Arts and Crafts
Includes 12 arts and crafts projects such as creating your own monster, a drawing lesson from illustrator, Jenny Campbell, mask making, photo collaging, magnet fun, etc.

Section 3: Pawductions, Music and Theater
Create a readers’ theater production, talk show, choral piece or puppet show in this section.

Section 4: Pawzzles, Puzzles, Games and Contests
This section is full of puzzles and games that are both dog and literacy oriented.

Section 5: Chow Down, Recipes
You can cook your own treats and treats for your dog!

Section 6: Dawg-Gone Good Projects, Service Projects
Get involved with your local shelter and teach compassion and social action in the world of animals.

Section 7: Pawrental Guides, Resources for Parents
This section is a good source of in-home literacy activities and a comprehensive list of literacy resources for parents.

92 pages ISBN:978-1-929821-11-2


Forever Home


Forever Home

New from the Max and Annie Series: Forever Homeby Sandra Philipson, illustrated by Jenny Campbell

After five happy years on a West Virginia farm, Trini, the English springer spaniel, suddenly finds herself abandoned when her owner passes away. Rejected by the relatives, this plucky little three-legged dog sets out on a journey to find a new home.

internet-news-reader.pngClick here to read a review of Forever Home

As an owner of rescued dogs, this story really spoke to me. It tells about the plight of abandoned animals and those who rescue them without being preachy and without speaking "over the heads" of its youthful readers. Forever Home is going to find a place on my animal stories shelf.

Forever Home, the latest book in the Max and Annie series, follows Trini's adventures and the obstacles she must overcome to find a permanent or forever home. Trini's courage and persistence in her quest shows us that hard times can be endured and conquered with humor, determination, and a little help from those who rescue the abandoned and thrown away. Trini's story will make you cry, laugh and realize that despite the odds, finding a place to belong is possible!

Click here to read the press release.



Max's Wild Goose Chase (Hardcover)


MAX'S WILD GOOSE CHASE (Hardcover) by Sandra Philipson, illustrated by Robert Takatch

This hardcover book is based on the antics of the real Max, Max's Wild Goose Chase is an adventure story set in and around the Chagrin River Valley. Max is an irrepressible Springer Spaniel who is constantly chasing the geese that live along the Chagrin River. Goosie Rough Rock, the goosewith a big grudge, plots to get even with Max, but the ending takes an unexpected twist. The book is beautifully illustrated and is appropriate for Kindergarten through fourth grade. The back pages of the book contain fun questions and writing prompts so children can practice writing and create their own stories.


Miracle Dogs DVD & Book Combo


How do you explain the fact that Annie, a homeless Springer Spaniel, has a healing effect on people? Charlie Logan has just moved to Ohio where his parents have taken jobs at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Lonely and in need of a good friend, he finds the three-legged Annie and her puppies and goes on a modern-day quest in search of permanent homes for the dogs before it's too late. Rue McClanahan, Stacy Keach, and Kate Jackson star in this heartwarming tale of the Miracle Dogs. Based on the best-selling children's book, Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way by Sandra J. Philipson.

This DVD includes Bonus Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Access, The Making of Miracle Dogs, Cast Interviews and Bios, Fun Facts, Dog Treat Recipe, Visit the Cleveland Clinic, and Previews of The Retrievers



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